Call for Working Groups

Call for Working Groups

The McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology invites proposals for interdisciplinary groups who intend to bring innovative perspectives on and approaches to culture and technology that engage the challenges of the contemporary moment and draw from the spirit of McLuhan’s attestation to the medium.

Working groups should be composed of both faculty and graduate students from the University of Toronto with external members included at the discretion of the Working Group Convener.

Working groups are expected to undertake specific research and scholarly exchange at the McLuhan Centre that is not being pursued elsewhere on campus, during the application year. While working groups endeavors may be supported by other programs, or units, the working group application must make clear the intended research and outputs that will be specific to the McLuhan Centre.

Applications should also indicate how the McLuhan Centre will be used during the year: this can include symposia, performance, installations, workshops, writing retreats, public events, and other creative uses. Be sure to consider existing McLuhan Centre programming when preparing your proposal. Space will be provided for those uses (50 seats in the main room), plus additional space for meetings and planning activities (15 seats upstairs).

The working groups are expected to run a Monday Night Seminar during the 2018/19 academic year in consultation with the Director of the McLuhan Centre (Professor Sarah Sharma).

Working group funds can be used to support travel and accommodations for visitors, refreshments, promotional materials, publication costs, and other related costs. Funds will not be provided for the purchasing of equipment. The Centre can provide some administrative support during the year.

The funding options are divided into tiers to encourage a range of activity levels. Please consider which tier accurately reflects the scope of your project as applicants will be assessed, in part, based on the best and most appropriate allocation of funds. Multiple working groups may be allocated funds in the same tier.

Working groups from previous years may reapply to continue or extend ongoing research projects.

Tier 1: $8,000 – $10,000
Tier 2: $5,000 – $7,000
Tier 3: $3,000

Description of the Working Group Project (two-page maximum)
Expected academic outputs/research mobilization
List of members
CV of Lead Convener
One-page detailed budget (included tier)

DEADLINE: May 15, 2018