David Nostbakken

McLuhan Centenary Fellow 2015-2018

With a BA in Philosophy and English completed at the University of Saskatchewan, a Masters in Education at University of Toronto, Nostbakken’s PhD thesis was undertaken with the guidance of McLuhan on cultural influences of electronic media. David is President of N&N Inc. http://nostbakken.ca/ , a media and communications consulting firm. He serves on a number of boards and splits his time between Toronto and Ottawa, where he teaches strategic communication in social entrepreneurship at Carleton University.

This year David is spending his time at the McLuhan Centre completing his book:

Prairie Boy’s Guide to the Global Village
Lessons learned at the interface of theory and practice are explored through a series of case studies that are examined as metaphors of contemporary meaning. Born and raised on the Canadian Prairies, and a former student and teaching assistant of Marshall McLuhan’s, the author seeks to probe experience from the inquisitive and intentionally naive perspective of a proverbial  prairie boy, and to extrapolate patterns of thought and practice of consequence in the rapidly changing digital world.