Marshall McLuhan + Vilém Flusser’s

Marshall McLuhan + Vilém Flusser’s

Marshall McLuhan + Vilém Flusser’s Communication + Aesthetic Theories Revisited
Video Pool Media Arts Centre, 2015

With Clint Enns, Tom Kohut, Melentie Pandilovski

This book includes discussions McLuhan and Flusser’s influence on media and communication theory as it applies to contemporary and new media art, film, philosophy and politics, and this book would be of immediate interest to readers and researchers interestested in: distributed consciousness and telematics; cinema and causality; collective evolution; media and theology; digital culture; Occupy Wall Street and other political movements; cybernetics; contemporary technological art; the ideologies of clinical practice; asemic writing; institutional critique and many other topics.

McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology
39A Queens Park Crescent E. – Parking available off 121 St. Joseph St. Toronto [map]

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