Monday Night Seminar: Shame Shame Shame (refresh)

Monday Night Seminar: Shame Shame Shame (refresh)

The “Monday Night Seminar” carries on the tradition of Marshall McLuhan’s public seminars at the University of Toronto. All seminars take place from 6 – 8pm within the same intimate Coach House setting where McLuhan once held court. In this up-close and personal environment, a range of thinkers – academics, activists, scientists, artists, designers and planners – will explore digital culture from a feminist perspective.

The Monday Night Seminars are designed to challenge prevailing cultural notions about technology and provoke new insight on the possibilities for a more equitable technological future. Join us!

Monday Night Seminar March 19th: Shame Shame Shame (refresh)

Join us as we discuss the media logics of shame with Wendy Hui Kyong Chun and Susanna Paasonen.

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Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Professor of Modern Culture and Media, Brown University

Dr. Chun has studied both Systems Design Engineering and English Literature, which she combines and mutates in her current work on digital media. She is author of Control and Freedom: Power and Paranoia in the Age of Fiber Optics (MIT, 2006), Programmed Visions: Software and Memory (MIT 2011), and Updating to Remain the Same: Habitual New Media (MIT 2016). She is co-editor (with Tara McPherson and Patrick Jagoda) of a special issue of American Literature entitled New Media and American Literature, co-editor (with Lynne Joyrich) of a special issue of Camera Obscura entitled Race and/as Technology and co-editor (with Anna Fisher and Thomas Keenan) of New Media, Old Media: A History and Theory Reader, 2nd edition (forthcoming Routledge, 2015).  She was a 2016 Guggenheim Fellow, ACLS and American Academy of Berlin Fellow, and she has been a Member of the Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton), a Fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard and a Wriston Fellow at Brown. She has been the Velux Visiting Professor of Management, Politics and Philosophy at the Copenhagen Business School; the Wayne Morse Chair for Law and Politics at the University of Oregon, Visiting Professor at Leuphana University (Luneburg, Germany), Visiting Associate Professor in the History of Science Department at Harvard, of which she is currently an Associate. She is currently working on a project entitled “Discriminating Data: Individuals, Neighbours, Proxies.”

Susanna Paasonen, chair of the department of Media Studies, University of Turku


Dr. Paasonen’s research interests focus on media culture: more specifically, on internet research, popular culture, sexuality, pornography and theories of affect. After finishing her PhD at the University of Turku in 2002, she worked as a lecturer in Media Culture at the University of Tampere, as a postdoctoral researcher in Gender Studies at the University of Turku, as a research fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (University of Helsinki), and as a senior research associate and professor of Digital Culture at the University of Jyväskylä before starting in her current post in 2011. She spent part of her research leave of 2015-2016 as visiting scholar at MIT and Microsoft Research New England’s Social Media Collective.

Dr. Paasonen’s research has appeared in journals such as Feminist Theory, European Journal of Cultural Studies, International Journal of Cultural Studies, Childhood, Velvet Light Trap, Sex Education, Somatechnics, Television & New Media, Communications and Critical Studies in Media Communication. She serves on the editorial boards of e.g. the journals SexualitiesPorn StudiesNew Media & SocietySocial Media & SocietyInternational Journal of Cultural Studies and Journal of Scandinavian Cinema as well as on the board of The Association of Cultural Studies.

Her current book-length projects look at the notion of objectification; distraction and boredom connected to networked media, as well as feminist tactics in social media. She is author of the forthcoming Many Splendored Things: Thinking Sex and Play (Goldsmiths Press) and Not Safe for Work: Sex, Humor, and Risk in Social Media (with Kylie Jarrett and Ben Light, MIT Press). Her previous book projects include Carnal Resonance: Affect and Online Pornography (MIT Press 2011) as well as the edited anthologies Networked Affect (with Ken Hillis and Michael Petit, MIT Press 2015), Working with Affect in Feminist Readings: Disturbing Differences(with Marianne Liljeström, Routledge 2010) and Pornification: Sex and Sexuality in Media Culture (with Kaarina Nikunen and Laura Saarenmaa, Berg 2007).