PhD Residents

The McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology’s Summer PhD Residents

Biomedia/Interspecies Communication (Sarah Choukah/University of Montreal)
Embodied Experience in the Age of Augmented Reality (Liron Efrat Art History, UofT)
Glen Gould and McLuhan (Steve Hicks, Music/UofT)
The Electrical socket and plug as a medium tied to domestic labor (Jaime Lee Kirts, University of Colorado)
Feminist Media Publics/Dirty Archives (Mary Grace Lao, York University)
Medium Archives (Jess Lapp, iSchool/UofT)
Digital Materiality of the Web (Emily Maemura, iSchool/UofT)
e-Citizenship (Curtis McCord, iSchool/UofT)
Platforms as feminist media (Rianka Singh, iSchool/UofT)